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Plastic Daruma Dolls

DCTO Jibun Project

(Dreams Come True Object: My Project)
is a modern interpretation of an ancient Japanese Zen doll known as a Daruma doll. This curiously limbless, traditionally red-cloaked figure with unpainted eyes is used for personal dedication to a new venture such as starting a business, beginning a new path in life, or given as a gift for celebrations like New Years, weddings and birthdays. Painting in DCTO’s left eye shows commitment to a goal; once the goal is achieved, you then paint in DCTO’s right eye.

DCTO (‘dik-toe’) is designed to right itself when it is knocked over, reflecting the Japanese saying, ‘Nanakorobi yaoki’, ""Fall 7 times, rise 8 times”. This reminds us that no matter the number of times we may stumble, those with a persistent heart will rise again to achieve their goals, symbolizing relentless dedication and an undaunted spirit.

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Dacosta Bayley: The Art of the Daruma
“People tell me that the eyes of my characters seem to draw them in,” artist Dacosta Bayley says. “The expressions on their faces communicate an honest and welcoming soul.”
“Ancient wisdom is finding relevance in contemporary times, and people are becoming more aware of themselves and of new possibilities for improving themselves,” Dacosta says. “It’s exciting for me to be a part of that as the DCTO: Jibun Project brings Zen to new eyes.”
May 2008
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Dreams to Dreams
Custom Vinyl Toy Show

December 2, 2008 – to January 25, 2009

The Japanese American National Museum in association with Dacosta of Chocolate Soop bring you the first custom vinyl toy show in a museum. Just in time for the holidays, 40-50 artists will customize Chocolate Soop DCTO (Dream Come True Object), a futuristic vinyl version of a traditional Japanese New Years folk toy.

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