Isohama Nakaminato

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Isohama Daruma Doll 磯浜だるま

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From Ibaragi Prefecture, (Ooarai 大洗町). (Ibaraki)

Oarai town is south of Nakaminato 那珂湊.
The paper dolls are almost identical.

Nakaminato no Daruma 那珂湊のだるま

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Nakaminato Hariko 那珂湊 張子 papermachee dolls
especially a tiger and white rabbit with wiggeling head.
The tiger is looking to the side, which is seldom with this kind of animal.

source : www.asahi-net.or.jp
First made by Iida Kishichi 飯田喜七, now in the next generation.

kubifuri hariko 首振り張子 with wiggeling head
天狗面 mask of a Tengu and O-Kame san

. yokomuki tora 横向き虎 tiger looking to the side .
Made by Iida Kishichi 飯田喜七

. Folk toys from IBARAKI / IBARAGI .


Nakaminato was swept away by the tsunami.

那珂湊 津波

The scenes of destruction were especially frightening because they were far from the worst-hit areas. Nakaminato is on the southern edge of the worst devastation from the 8.9-magnitude quake and the tsunami it spawned, which swept away whole villages farther north. Nakaminato sits about 155 miles south of Sendai, the city that bore much of the brunt of the tsunami.
Before the shaking and the waves hit, Nakaminato’s buildings had a worn-out look; the town had been left behind by the country’s industrial buildup and by the young people who headed for thriving cities. The mostly aging population made its living mainly from fishing; the heart of the community was a fishing co-op on the waterfront.
source : www.nytimes.com

. Japan after the BIG earthquake March 11, 2011 .


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