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Mizuho Daruma Store

Here you find a lot more Daruma for special events on sale at the Mizuho store:


Mizuho Inari Daruma


The picture on the belly of this Daruma is the deity Inari Daimyoojin.

He is evoked for a good harvest, for good business, to prevent any kind of disaster and call in good luck. There are more than 35000 shrines in his honour all over Japan!

There is a famous proverb about old EDO:

There is dog shit and an Inari shrine at every corner of the city.

I will take up the Inari connection in another article
Fox Shrine Festival (Inari Matsuri)


There is another Daruma for a Shrine festival in prayer for a good fishing season on the fourth of Feburary in the Southern Akia Province. As you can see on the belly of Daruma, a huge codfish of more than 30 kg is honoured and then changes his form to a good hot codfish soup for all to eat.


鱈 this Chinese character contains a FISH and SNOW.

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