Kashiwa Daruma


Kashiwa Daruma / Ayame Daruma

Ayame Daruma 菖蒲だるま Iris Daruma

The most famous Iris Daruma are from Kashiwa Town in Chiba prefecture, where we have some of the famous iris gardens. They are papermachee figures with a painting of iris on the stomach,sometimes beautiful lady Daruma in a violett dress. The shape is almost like a flat square.

Kashiwa Daruma 柏だるま

The famous Kashiwa Daruma 柏だるまfrom Chiba are from papermachee. Some are decorated with iris, some with other patterns. Most of them are quite funny and sort of simple in style.

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Collection of Matsumoto Setsutaro 松本節太郎 


Kashiwa Town in Chiba
... The area around Kashiwa was the site of the Battle of Sakainehara during the Sengoku period. During the Edo period, the area was controlled directly by the Tokugawa shogunate, and contained a number of horse ranches providing war horses for the Shogun’s armies. It also developed as a post station on the road to Mito, Mito Kaido, connecting Edo with Mito.
After the Meiji Restoration, Kashiwa Village was created in Chiba Prefecture on October 1, 1889, and connected to Tokyo by train in 1896.

Kashiwa is a regional commercial center and a bedroom community for nearby Chiba and Tokyo. The city has a mixed industrial base, with food processing industries forming an important portion of the economy. Nikka Whisky Distilling, Asahi Soft Drinks, and Ito Ham all have production facilities in Kashiwa. There is some residual agriculture of turnips, onions and spinach.
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There are many words in Japanese to differentiate between the many kinds of iris that flower mostly during the rainy season, giving a special elegance to an otherwise dreary place. For example Shoobu, Kakitsubata, Airisu and others.

Famous Iris Fields in Itako
Itako Town in Ibaraki Prefecture lies beside the river Tonegawa. During the Edo period (1603-1868) it flourished as a relay port for the shipment of cargo from the north of Japan by water to the nation's capital, Edo. The beautiful scenery on the waterfront was much admired by writers and artists, many of whom visited the town.
Today, the Ayame (iris) Festival in June is the biggest tourist attraction. Along the sides of the river iris flower park has been set up, and as the season approaches, as many as one million individual plants of around 500 colorful varieties come into bloom in purple, white and yellow. During the festival season every year the town attracts about half a million visitors. Boatmen ply the waters in rowboats, taking sightseers on trips redolent of the past. If you are lucky, you might be able to see a beautiful bride going out to meet her bridegroom on one of these boats.
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Meiji Shrine Iris Garden
Meiji Shrine in Tokyo is famous for its splendid Iris Garden, which was designed by the Emperor Meiji himself.

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asatsuyu no hajike furueru ayame kana

morning dew -
shaking it off trembling
the iris

Gabi Greve

all dressed up
and whispering by the roadside -
Ladies in Waiting

kigo for haiku
Iris (ayame, Japan) shoobu, hanashoobu, airisu,




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